Optimize Your Venue for Maximum Performance

Improve visitor satisfaction and profitability by optimizing capacity, circulation flow, operating efficiency and visitor service delivery . . . create a more successful venue with ORCA Consulting LLC.

Applied "Guestology"

ORCA applies the concept of "Guestology" - a science combining quantitative analytical techniques with qualitative operational assessments - to help clients strategically analyze each aspect of their venue's capacity, layout, and visitor experience, and then develop practical and effective solutions to optimize new facility designs, expansion plans, and existing operations. Learn more about ORCA Services »

Exceptional Team Qualifications

No other firm matches ORCA's broad base of experience with venue development and operations. We bring a wealth of industry knowledge, innovative analysis techniques, and practical experience to each unique project with our team members' unparalleled capabilities. Learn more about the ORCA Team »

Impressive History of Success

Since 1993, ORCA has provided quantitative and qualitative services to a variety of leisure, recreation and entertainment clients - including owners, operators, architects, and designers - to enhance facility performance, improve visitor satisfaction, and achieve their financial goals. Learn more about ORCA Projects »