Brookfield Zoo

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ORCA's support for the development of the Brookfield Zoo Master Plan included developing recommendations for program and service enhancements to improve the visitor experience, updating operational procedures to incorporate new industry trends, and recommending ancillary business opportunities to reduce costs and improve revenue potential. This support helped ensure that the Master Plan met two important objectives — a better visitor experience and increased zoo profitability.

ORCA's specific contributions to the Brookfield Zoo Master Plan included recommendations and implementation strategies for:



  • Services consolidation to create operating and staffing cost efficiencies;
  • Operational procedure revisions to incorporate new industry trends;
  • Circulation path modifications to reduce pedestrian travel distance and ensure circulation past key exhibits;
  • Creation of hubs for visitor amenities and services to improve visitor convenience, drive revenue, and limit service vehicle in public areas;
  • Changes to the main entry to add visitor-sought amenities, improve the retail presence, and fulfill visitor expectations to see animals early in their visits;
  • Redesign of the visitor experience to position underutilized food and beverage opportunities at more optimal points in the visitors' stay and increase use and revenue;
  • Addition of a skyway ride and rerouting the existing tram to offer both more convenient transportation and narrative options to visitors; and
  • Development of a RD and E (retail, dining and entertainment) venue to allow the zoo to extend operations beyond nightfall, attract visitors who would not normally attend a zoo, and provide more event capacity and revenue. The neighborhoods surrounding the zoo were considered when placing night venues to limit noise intrusion into the neighborhood.

Ranking the revenue-producing and visitor experience improvements for the build-out plan to allow earlier phase revenue creation to help fund later improvements.

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