Admissions Strategies and Visitation Management

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The first step in the visitor experience is usually purchasing a ticket. This transaction, whether at the venue or on the internet, can set the tone for a visitor's entire experience and even influence the decision to visit or not.

In addition to ensuring adequate capacity for ticketing transactions, ORCA helps clients clearly define requirements and select a functional admissions strategy. An overall admissions strategy considers operating and staffing constraints, business policies, budget goals, and other factors and may incorporate measures to influence visitation timing (including discounting policies and on-line tools) and manage visitor arrivals and facility entry (including queuing and crowd control procedures) if very high attendance on peak days is an issue.

ORCA applies a wealth of knowledge about industry "best practices" to develop specific admissions strategy and visitation management recommendations and provide related services including:

  • Determine ticketing and entry capacity requirements including attendance peaking characteristics;
  • Assist clients to define and document key objectives, policies and procedures;
  • Evaluate alternative admissions strategies including reservations and timed ticketing, internet, off-site ticket sales, incentives (including discounted tickets and special programs), and on-line tools to increase off-peak visitation;
  • Recommend a functional admissions system and implementation strategy;
  • Provide space requirements and layout details for ticket sales and entry spaces including requirements for group arrivals and security screening;
  • Develop ticketing and reservations system specifications;
  • Assist clients to evaluate and select reservations and ticketing systems, including providing cost and feature comparisons for qualified vendors;
  • Determine requirements for, and assist in selecting, ancillary equipment such as people counters and turnstiles;
  • Develop and document reservations and ticketing operating procedures, including procedures for late arrivals, no-shows, refunds and other contingencies;
  • Develop operating procedures for shows and tours if timed ticketing is implement and recommend adjustments to operating hours to accommodate peak demand;
  • Develop ticket media information content;
  • Assist clients to implement reservations and ticketing systems, including phasing strategies, staffing requirements, testing plans and support, and going live; and
  • Monitor and adjust system operations and goal fulfillment after opening.

ORCA assisted Monticello and the Statue of Liberty National Monument to develop and implement new ticketing and reservations systems.

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