Capacity and Circulation

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Even the most entertaining and exciting attraction can be a negative experience for visitors if they are subjected to crowded and uncomfortable conditions or facilities that are not conducive to easy entry, orientation and movement.

Whether the goal is to plan a new facility or resolve an ongoing issue, ORCA's capacity and circulation analysis provides sizing criteria so planned attendance can be accommodated with minimal crowding and wait times, visitors can circulate freely without encountering congestion and pinch points, and attendance levels can be matched to venue in-building capacity to achieve maximum throughput and revenue.

ORCA is a leader in developing and adapting analytical tools and techniques to the leisure and transportation industries and applying them in the services we perform, including:

  • Calculate key attendance factors to establish planning and evaluation sizing criteria;
  • Calculate visitor length of stay for individual project elements as well as the venue as a whole;
  • Model capacity for individual project elements and the overall venue;
  • Identify capacity constraints and potential congestion points and develop recommendations to resolve;
  • Estimate wait times and queue space requirements for peak attendance periods;
  • Evaluate facility layouts to identify wayfinding issues and locate key wayfinding points for visitor orientation;
  • Integrate requirements for school and tour groups and special events;
  • Model visitor circulation to assess alternative strategies;
  • Size and locate food service and determine POS requirements;
  • Size and locate retail and determine POS requirements;
  • Size and lay out ticketing to efficiently process the anticipated volume of transactions and determine ticketing station requirements;
  • Size and locate restroom facilities;
  • Size parking and transportation requirements;
  • Size and lay out security screening; and
  • Locate and establish back-of-house requirements for maintenance, storage, employee break rooms, and offices.

Among the many projects that have benefited from ORCA's capacity and circulation analyses are the Johnson & Johnson Beijing Olympics Pavilion, National Zoo, Cades Cove, and Monterey Bay Aquarium.

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