Implementation Support

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ORCA often works with clients after the initial analysis and design phases to implement recommended management and operating plans and monitor and refine operations results to achieve a smoother and more effective implementation. ORCA has the resources to help client find and contract specialized support, develop operating procedures and train staff, and test and adjust operations to improve efficiency.

During construction, ORCA works with contractors, vendors, owners and operators to ensure specifications are met and to resolve field issues in a timely fashion.

Pre-opening, ORCA develops detailed plans and schedules to ensure all aspects are completed and ready for opening, plans opening strategies (including soft opening and grand opening events), and develops detailed test and adjust plans. We frequently participate in test and adjust activities to monitor progress, develop recommendations for changes and improvements, and evaluate opening readiness.

Staff and volunteer training is a large part of our pre-opening support. ORCA teaches staff how to interact with visitors, effectively convey the venues' message, provide exceptional service delivery, and deal with emergencies and visitor issues.

Post-opening, ORCA works to monitor and further refine operations for even more effective results.

ORCA supported the openings of the Statue of Liberty National Monument and Audubon Insectarium.

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