Operations and Programming

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Clients come to us with many issues: how to figure out how to operate a new venue, problems in operational areas, dissatisfied visitors, or general poor performance that defies definition.

Based on years of experience operating world-class venues, ORCA provides an objective and unbiased assessment of operational and programming issues, including looking at these issues from the perspective of visitors, operators and owners. ORCA has a wealth of knowledge to draw on when developing recommended plans of action to make operations more visitor-friendly and efficient and resolve issues.

The services ORCA provides to improve operations and programming include:

  • Operations audits, including organizational, manpower and budget, and visitor interface evaluations;
  • Operations procedure reviews and recommendations;
  • Recommendations for optimizing staffing and scheduling;
  • Operational planning including planning of pre-opening operations;
  • Operational interface with security measures and emergency planning;
  • Recommendations for facility modifications for improved operations;
  • Recommendations for improving the programming mix;
  • Operating hour requirements;
  • Recommendations for visitor communications, including information kiosks, signage, websites, and brochures;
  • Recommendations for moving visitors within exhibits and buildings and between sites, including transportation alternatives; and
  • Recommendations for crowd control techniques and queue management.

Operations and programming development were a large part of ORCA's work on the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center, Freedom Park, and Central Place Observation Deck.

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