Organizational Development and Human Resources

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ORCA helps organizations develop a quality service culture with techniques and strategies built around training, performance measurement and leadership. We help clients integrate processes into the organization with practical ways to set up expectations, resolve issues, and provide accountability. We take broad, unquantifiable concepts and build a framework to help clients achieve an optimum employee work environment that translates into quality visitor services.

Organizational development services ORCA provides include:

  • Staffing requirements and scheduling;
  • Position definition and job descriptions;
  • Service standard development;
  • Operations manuals;
  • Orientation manuals (documenting policies, roles, company history and culture);
  • Visitor services training (including communications, interpretation, and service delivery skills);
  • Management and employee training;
  • Staff hiring guidance; and
  • Staff and operations performance evaluations.

ORCA organizational development benefited the Statue of Liberty National Monument, Audubon Insectarium and Central Place Observation Deck projects.

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