Business Strategies

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The first step in evaluating and/or developing a business strategy is often helping a client define their mission, business goals, constraints and opportunities. Based on this, ORCA may help a client develop a strategy for a particular aspect of their business (i.e., a retail shop) or for their business as a whole (i.e., the entire venue) to increase revenue and/or reduce costs.

ORCA has assisted clients to:

  • Evaluate the cost-benefit of out-sourcing services and venue management;
  • Assess, size, and recommend food service needs (fast food versus dining and menu choices) based on visitation characteristics including length of stay and visitor demographics;
  • Assess, size and locate retail facilities, and recommend offerings and product placement, to maximize penetration and conversion rates; and
  • Develop ticketing and ticket sales strategies to increase attendance.

ORCA also recognizes the value of adding business opportunities which parallel and enhance the main mission of an organization to increase revenues without substantially increasing investment. For example, in recent years there has been increased interest in the use of leisure venue facilities for private functions because they provide a non-traditional environment in which to meet and/or socialize and on-site diversions to complement their specific agenda.

ORCA has developed recommendations for ancillary business prospects based on successful experience developing and implementing such revenue-generating opportunities at numerous venues.

ORCA has provided business strategy services for the U.S. Capitol Visitor Center and Central Place Observation Deck.

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