Visitor Services, Amenities and Wayfinding

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Visitors want services and amenities to be readily available and easy to find. When a child needs to use the restroom or needs a snack, they need it NOW, and parents want to be able to easily find the closest restrooms and concession areas and to not have to wait in long lines.

The poor placement, inadequate sizing, or lack of visitor services and amenities should not distract from the entertainment or educational experience of a venue. Nor should a visitor have difficulty orienting themselves in a venue or finding a specific exhibit, area, or even the exit when ready to leave. ORCA sizes services and amenities and reviews venue layouts to determine optimal locations. ORCA's review also identifies key circulation decision points for wayfinding signage, determines locations for key visitor information signage, and develops signage content recommendations.

Easy-to-find services and amenities and signage ensure comfort and convenience in the visitor experience. As a part of ORCA's plan reviews we include:

  • Restrooms;
  • Food service
  • Retail;
  • Visitor information;
  • Stroller and wheelchair rental;
  • Audio tour rentals;
  • Drinking fountains;
  • Lockers and coat and package checks;
  • ATMs;
  • Benches;
  • Trash cans;
  • Parking and transportation stops;
  • Lost and found; and
  • First aid.

Visitor services and amenities sizing and locations played a role in ORCA's contributions to the Freedom Park project.

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