ORCA Services

How do you ensure the ultimate visitor experience?

ORCA focuses over 100 combined years of Disney experience to identify and define issues and develop cost-effective solutions to ensure a comfortable and positive experience for visitors. Our capacity analysis services balance maximum visitor capacity with infrastructure, finding areas of opportunity to reduce congestion, improve visitor convenience, and increase penetration and conversion rates. Operational strategies help venues create efficiencies and reduce operating costs while promoting techniques that build an environment of improved employee performance and service delivery.

At ORCA, everything we do is objective-focused, with a purpose toward helping clients achieve key goals. We identify critical issues with objective-based thinking, develop solutions to fix immediate problems, and prioritize strategies for the long-term. We collaborate with key stakeholders in planning actual tactics and creating measurements to evaluate progress. Our holistic approach creates a seamless visitor experience and typically results in improved satisfaction for visitors, staff, and owners because ORCA's involvement:

  • Ensures planned attendance can be accommodated with minimal crowding and wait times and minimized lost attendance due to turn-aways;
  • Reduces capital and operating costs by maximizing facility design and operational efficiencies;
  • Increases revenue by maximizing attendance and business potential including retail and food service penetration and conversion rates; and
  • Eliminates sources of visitor dissatisfaction and encourages repeat visitation.

ORCA can perform a focused study to resolve a specific client issue or plan and manage a large project encompassing all aspects of venue design and operation. In either case, we draw from and integrate expertise in key services areas:

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